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Corporate Social Responsibility

The basic principle...
In the second half of the last century, humanity began to recognize the fact that the population and economic growth imposed on itself already have significant effects on the Earth. The size, speed, and reversibility of these impacts remain a constant subject of debate among politicians, researchers, and various interest groups, and these questions are intended to be left to these actors.

However, the fact that economic growth, and most importantly for us, the associated industrial production, poses a significant burden on the environment, is no longer in question, and we feel it is our duty to address it.

Our goal is not to be hypocritical, as we are aware that operating as a small cell in the structure of the globalized economy, our activities also contribute to the environmental burden. Nevertheless, we are committed to ensuring that our operations, products, services, and corporate mindset result in the smallest environmental impact possible, contributing to sustainable development.

We have divided this effort into three groups.

Sustainable development

Sustainable product
Life cycle analysis
Source of raw materials
Waste collection and recycling
Circular economy
Sustainable chemistry
Reusable resources
Sustainable operations
Corporate social responsibility
Ecological footprint
Use of renewable energy
Operation review
Community economy
Corporate mindset transformation
Social awareness
Education and knowledge dissemination
Gender equality

Sustainable product

Life cycle

Quality itself is not only important for the customer but also guarantees the long-term use of the product. The machines we distribute are tools operating for the benefit of the economy. The longer they can serve the economy, the later we need to utilize new resources to produce a new machine. Our service aims to maintain the machines for as long as possible until their operation becomes uneconomical, and outdated or inefficient technology imposes greater burdens than the production of a new, energy-efficient machine. The hybrid or electric press brakes and CO2 lasers we offer comply with the strictest energy efficiency requirements, using only a fraction of the energy consumption of previous technologies. Moreover, the completely oil-free operation of servo-electronic technology is a significant step forward.

Source of raw materials

During our procurement process, we strive to consolidate machine shipments, thereby reducing the environmental impact of transportation. We prioritize sourcing components and other products that are available within the country or in close geographical proximity, which helps minimize transportation routes. Ideally, we purchase directly from the manufacturers, eliminating unnecessary product transportation.

Waste Management

At our premises, we practice selective waste collection. Paper waste, such as previous catalogs, is primarily sent to the appropriate collection points through charitable school waste collection campaigns. We also take care of the management of used oil generated during oil changes.

Circular economy

It is important to note that we primarily apply the most fundamental form of recycling, which is reuse, for most packaging materials. The incoming product boxes are perfectly suitable for our deliveries, so our demand for new packaging materials has practically ceased.

Sustainable chemistry

During our service activities, we use the highest quality auxiliary materials, which are produced by responsible companies, taking into consideration their environmental impact. We avoid using cleaning agents and service materials from unreliable sources.

Reusable resources

During our activities, we do not generate significant direct waste that would burden the environment. We exclusively use recycled paper for our operations. Moreover, we strive to take small steps that involve the multiple reuse of energy resources, such as utilizing both sides of the paper or using refillable containers during servicing.
At our premises, we employ water purifying systems instead of bottled water. As a result, we use approximately 2000 fewer bottles per year.

Sustainable operations

Corporate social responsibility

We consider it important to support values that not only impact the natural environment but also contribute to a better and healthier life for those living in it. Therefore, we have been significant supporters of local sports clubs, especially for children and young athletes, in recent years. In our new office building, we have planned equipment for physical activity, as we believe it not only contributes to physical health but also preserves the mental well-being of our employees.
In our operations, we have completely transitioned to sending and receiving invoices electronically. We store as many documents as possible solely in electronic form.

Regarding our Mitsubishi connection, for every Mitsubishi laser cutting machine sold, we plant a Japanese cherry tree at our premises. With this, we aim to express our care for the environment and acknowledge the excellent product created by our Japanese partner.
Looking into the future, we aim to implement new technologies at our facility, primarily focusing on renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, hybrid or electric vehicles. We are aware of the external impacts of these technologies, such as commonly raised criticism of battery cells and the mode of electricity production, as traditional power plants may produce not-so-clean energy. Despite these criticisms, we believe that the direction and aspiration for development are commendable. While these technologies may not solve all sustainability issues, they represent an essential step forward.
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